B&Q / Kingfisher Group Data Centre Cooling Upgrade, Fareham

ITE Projects was contracted to upgrade the data hall and UPS room cooling for the Kingfisher / B&Q data hall in Fareham.

Data Centre Cooling Upgrade

The project was carried out in 5 phases. During each phase a pair of old air handling units were removed and replaced with efficient inverter driven cooling units from Denco. New power supply cables were run where needed. The new units were tested, commissioned and brought into line before continuing with the next phase. The new CRAC units were configured to run on B&Qs existing building management system. The VESDA early warning smoke detection was modified to suit the new units. The data centre suffered no loss of service throughout the duration of the works.

B&Q Project Feedback

ITE received some very positive feedback both from B&Q/Kingfisher group and the overseeing consultant regarding both the installation and the overall efficiency of the CRAC units. “I know that Kingfisher are very satisfied with the performance of the new Denco units and the impressive energy savings that will reduce running costs. I would be pleased to recommend ITE Projects Limited to any other data centre manager considering similar work in a live data hall.” John Lane – Partner. We can provide further details upon request. Nb. Due to client wishes we have posted no detailed images or photographs of the facility.

Kingfisher cooling upgrade news item

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