Coretx (C4L) Data Centre, Bournemouth

Construction of a data centre within one floor of a multi tenant office block for C4L. The project was completed in two phases to spread costs over an extended time period.

Data Centre Before Works Begin

The area is inspected to access its suitability. Walls ceiling and floor have to be fire rated. Adequate ceiling height is needed for racks, cooling and sub floor service runs.

Stripping out the Office Area

Floor tiles, ceiling and existing electrical and mechanical services are removed, and made safe.

Installation of Data Centre Floor

Installation of a new heavy grade computer room floor, which will allow a cooling path for the air conditioning units and provide containment for data and power cabling. Fire rated partition and a new MF ceiling are installed. Floor is coated for dust proofing prior to installation of the raised modular floor.

Data Centre Air Conditioning

The data centre cooling units installed. DX air conditioning units were used providing n+1 level of redundancy. Also shown is the VESDA early warning smoke detection pipework running along the top of the AC units.

Data Centre Fire Suppression

Completed first phase of the data centre, showing FM200 fire suppression system, dual feed power distribution unit, CRAC unit and ceiling mounted smoke detection units.

Data Centre UPS Backup

Part of the UPS system providing n+1 level of redundancy.

C4L Completed Data Hall

The completed data hall showing air conditioning units, power distribution units and hot cold aisle rack installation. The data centre is monitored remotely by an environmental management system EMS which will give early warning of abnormal temperature or humidity readings.

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