Docklands Data Centre

Data Centre Build for Docklands Data Centres. Conversion of a multi story office building to incorporate two data halls, technical areas and office, meeting rooms.

Docklands Data Centre Empty Data Hall

The empty data hall before works begin. Raised floor, partition work & steel work for the UPS and switchgear will be added.

Data Hall Strip Out

The data hall was stripped of all existing services, including the lighting, ceiling and existing building ventilation system.

Data Centre Floor Installation

New floor installation

Switchroom Installation

Installation of the data centre switchroom. The facility included a CAT/Finnings flywheel UPS system for increased efficiency and dual input A & B switchgear system.

Data Centre Switchroom

The completed switchroom showing one of the Flywheel UPS units and mains input switchgear cabinet.

Data Centre CRAC unit installation

Installation of the CRAC units within the data hall. The facility was designed with n+1 cooling redundancy.

Office Area

Some of the floor area was used as general office area. We also installed meeting rooms, kitchen and rest room areas and a telepresence facility.

Completed Data Hall

The finished data centre build showing CRAC units, detector heads, Novec fire suppression, floor grilles and VESDA smoke detection pipework.

Services Provided

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