Iomart Data Centre Design & Build Project, Maidenhead

ITE Projects Ltd was appointed by Iomart to provide a state of the art data centre using the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum running costs. Shown below are some of the images taken during and after the installation.

The Existing Building

The existing site consisted of four separate warehouse units with associated ground & mezzanine level offices. ITE were tasked with combining the units into one usable datacentre.

Mezzanine & Building Works

Extensive modifications were made to the building to enable it to become a data centre. A mezzanine structure was added to double the usable space. The office toilet & kitchen areas were removed and internal walls knocked through for access. The roller shutter doors were then modified to enable them to supply fresh air to the free cool areas of the data centre.

Walls & Floor

Ground floor area with mezzanine in place. 1 hour fire rated partitions were installed to separate the technical areas. The mezzanine columns were fire clad. Raised access heavy duty floor installed. Steel frames installed to support the switchgear.

Electrical Enclosures

External works showing the GRP housings for switchgear & ringmain units. One of the 3MVA transformers installed on concrete plinth.

2N+1 Dual Power Supplies

All racks within the data centre are supplied with dual independent power paths, starting with 2 diverse HV power supplies feeding a new HV switchboard. 2 No. 5MVA transformers supply a pair of switchboards and two sets of UPSs ensuring a 2N+1 rack supply at all times.

L.V. Switchgear

Part of the L.V. switchgear during installation showing one of the mains intake panels from the transformer. UPS input/output panels and mechanical switchgear not shown.

Pro Inert Fire Suppression

The data halls and technical areas have been fitted with a Pro Inert fire suppression system. Pro Inert is a safe, natural way to extinguish a fire and would be discharged in the protected room within the 60 second industry standard. Two separate Pro Inert bottle storage areas were installed for the ground & mezzanine areas.

VESDA Early Warning Smoke Detection

Very early smoke detection apparatus has been installed within all data halls to provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard. VESDA panel & red aspiration pipework is shown running along top edge of air handling unit and into panel.

Fire Detection

The data centre is equipped with an addressable multi zone fire detection system to BS5839. Ionization and optical smoke detectors have been placed within all floor voids, data halls, technical areas and sealed cold aisles. The entrance to each data hall has its own fully addressable fire alarm panel.

NOC Area

The control area showing our bespoke desk arrangement and video display. Also installed dado trunking for power and data around perimeter of room and comfort air conditioning.

Meeting Room & Corridor

Corridor and office showing Lumaglass, glass wall installation. The lighting can be programmed to show a variety of colours. Also shown, is one of the two new spiral staircases installed to access the mezzanine office area.

Data Hall Cooling

Dual circuit inverter control air handling units in n+1 configuration with floor grilles for hot & cold aisle arrangement. VESDA early smoke detection pipe is shown running along the top of the AHUs.

Data Hall Power

PDUs installed within one of the 7 data halls, floor grilles for rack cooling are also shown along with grommets for cable access. Floor grilles, lighting, fire detection and Pro Inert fire suppression have all been arranged to facilitate hot & cold aisle arrangement. Data hall lighting using LED luminaires switched via motion sensors.

Finished Data Centre

Part of the 2N Switchgear and cold aisle computer rack layout.

The Completed Data Centre

One of the seven data halls showing VESDA pipework & panel, detector heads, Pro Inert nozzles & Pipework, PDUs, AHU units & motion controlled LED lights. Left - Part of the mains switch room. Right - Cold aisle rack installation.

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