Pulsant Data Centre Refurbishment

Air conditioning upgrade within a working data centre for Pulsane in Croydon.

Pulsant Data Centre Air Conditioning

A data centre refurbishment of the air conditioning, electrical & fire detection systems. Works completed in 2013. The first phase of the refurbishment included replacing the entire raised access floor including the pedestals. The air conditioning system was then replaced using a sequence of air handling unit removal and replacement that kept the data centre in full operation. The operation took 12 weeks to replace 8 air handling units and started with running pipework to the new AHU positions. Once the new pipework had been installed, the old AHU was degassed and removed. New AHU frame installed and cut into the computer room floor. The CRAC unit pipework connected and electrical feed reinstated. The new AHU was then commissioned and reconnected to the BMS system. Each CRAC unit was replaced and commissioned before work started on the next unit, ensuring the data centre had adequate cooling at all times. An evaporative cooling system was installed for the UPS and technical areas. The electrical system was upgraded with an additional UPS system with associated UPS output panel and UPS bypass panels. A new fire detection detection system was installed throughout the UPS, transformer and technical areas to BS5839 which included ionization & optical smoke detectors, VESDA early warning smoke detection, air handling shut down relays with first and second stage sounders. A new steel frame was constructed throughout the UPS area to facilitate a modular lay in grid ceiling. New lighting for the UPS area was then installed.

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