Rapidswitch Data Centre Maidenhead

A sequence of events showing the internal build of the Rapidswitch data centre.

Initial inspection of premesis to access suitability.

From this point plans are drawn up, negotiations with landlord and electricity supply companies begin. The data centre design drawings sent to the council for planning permission and building regulations, and an energy conservation report produced detailing the efficiency of equipment used.

Mezzanine Installation

A mezzanine level was constructed to increase the floor area. Photo showing the underside of the new mezzanine floor; some of the steelwork; fire rated partitioning for the mezzanine emergency staircase and heavy grade computer room floor.

Walls and Dry Lining

Mezzanine level floor showing installation of dry lining. Also showing access hatch for UPS room extract fan units. The UPS area was designed to run on free cooling only avoiding the need for air conditioning.

Computer Room Air Conditioning

Installation and commissioning of the data centre cooling units.

Data Centre Cooling Units

Data centre air condition units fixed to support steelwork. Cooling pipework rises to enter building at first floor level. Space is available for future data centre air conditioning units when cooling demand increases. Also shown in the background is a high density acoustic fence, installed to meet stringent noise restrictions.

Data Centre Construction

Data hall nearing completion. Photo showing finished ceiling and floor, one of the computer room air conditioning units and the caged area for carrier room.

Data Centre Build Complete, Mezzanine Area

Finished mezzanine level, showing floor, fire exit, computer room air conditioning CRAC units with red air aspiration pipe work.

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