TGS Nopec Computer Room

ITE Projects Ltd was appointed by TGS Nopec to design and build a computer room for its geophysical operations. The computer room was built to a tier 2 standard, with a UPS and external bypass panel supported by an externally sited generator set

Cable and Pipework Riser

Riser for pipework and cables to the roof mounted condenser units. ITE had to use a combination of existing & new riser areas for the cable and pipework routes.

Condenser Location

Location for the roof mounted condenser units. Concrete slabs for the condenser feet and a vision screen for the compound will be constructed.

Condenser Installation

Roof mounted condenser units.


The computer room design had to incorporate ten 42U racks the air conditioning system, UPS and switchgear, fire suppression system and an office / work station into a compact area. Careful co-ordination of all services is required especially when space is limited.

Fire Suppression

The computer room was fitted with a FM200 fire suppression system and fire detection to BS 5839. Fire detection comprised of optical and ionization smoke detectors within the computer room and all void areas.

Electrical & Air Conditioning

Image showing two of the computer room air handling units and the UPS system. The air handling units were configured for n+1 level of redundancy, with the 120kVA UPS supporting the full electrical load until the external generator set becomes active.

Completed Installation

Image of the completed computer room showing computer racks, electrical distribution and partition for the workstation area.

Services Provided

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