Viasat Data Centre Design & Build Project, Chiswick

ITE Projects Ltd was appointed by Viasat to provide a state of the art data hall with a particular emphasis on security and resilience.

Empty Data Centre

The data hall before works begin. New walls had to be added for the switchrooms, transformer rooms and data centre expansion areas. A new computer grade floor added and service risers for power cables and cooling pipework.

Two Hour Fire Rated Blast Wall

Extensive modifications were made to the building to increase the security. The data hall and technical areas were encompassed within a steel clad 2 hour fire rated blast wall. Similarly rated blast proof doors were also fitted.

Internal Partitions

The two hour fire rated partitions for the switch and transformer rooms have been completed and the blast wall clad and painted.

Data Centre Security Doors

Part of the data hall showing the high security two hour fire rated blast doors to the switch and transformer rooms. The switchgear has been divided into two separate rooms and supplied via divergent power supply paths.

Data Centre Pipework

Part of the pipework during installation. The pipework entered the data hall from two separate riser cupboards.

Data Centre Cooling Steelwork

The condensers were installed on a lightweight steel frame supported on concrete slabs. For planning purposes the high level cladding enclosing the plant area had to be extended to encompass the condenser compound. The cladding support steelwork is shown during installation.

Generator Steelwork

Extensive steelwork had to be installed on the roof to support the generator sets.

Data Centre Roof Mounted Generator

Roof mounted generator sets installed on the support steelwork showing Eurogrid walkway & handrails. As per the condenser compound, the roof cladding had to be extended so the generator sets were not visible from road level. The generator sets selected by ITE had to comply with strict noise regulations.

Switchroom Cooling Ventilation & Gas Extract

Part of the switchroom cooling system. Each switchroom had two VRV units installed, running off separate circuits to add resilience. Also shown is part of the combined fresh air supply / extinguishant gas extract system.

Data Centre PDU Installation

PDU installation in one of the data halls. The room is nearing completion and shows two sets of power distribution units for the A & B supply.

Data Centre VESDA Early Smoke Detection

All data halls and technical areas were installed with VESDA very early smoke detection apparatus to provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard. Some red VESDA pipework is visible running along the top edge of the air handling unit.

Data Centre Novec Fire Suppression

Novec fire suppression was installed throughout the data hall and technical areas. Novec is a next generation clean replacement for Halon, causing no damage to electronics or electronic media and suppressing any fires within 30 seconds from time of activation.

Data Centre UPS Installation

One of the UPS rooms, the data halls are backed up with two independent UPS systems housed in separate rooms. Either system will support the data centre load.

Data Centre Power Run Outs

A & B Power run outs to computer racks, showing under floor commando type sockets.

Data Centre Air Conditioning Commissioning

Temporary heaters within the data hall to allow a full heat load test of the air handling units.

Data Hall

The completed data hall showing some of the dual circuit data hall air conditioning units running in n+1 configuration. Floor grilles installed for hot / cold aisle arrangement.

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