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The Different Types of Data Centre Cooling22 June, 2017

Once upon a time there wasn’t much choice when it came to data centre cooling and air conditioning units. Now there are a multitude of data centre cooling systems available, and it can actually be difficult to work out which is the best option for your data facility. The...... Read more

Data Centre Build Disasters to Avoid15 June, 2017

Designing and building a data centre is a huge job, and unless the project is carried out by a good data centre construction company, there’s a long list of things that could go wrong. From not planning for power failure to failing to check the current building for probl...... Read more

The Risks of Putting Your Servers in the Cloud08 June, 2017

Many SMEs and larger companies rely on a web hosting company or cloud provider to look after their IT needs.  While this may seem like the most cost effective and simple option, you then sacrifice control over your servers and your online presence. While cloud storage sol...... Read more

What Makes a Data Centre Efficient?01 June, 2017

In today’s tough environmental situation, it’s more important than ever for the data centre industry to prioritise efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. In almost every data centre there is room for improvement when it comes to efficiency, and some of the biggest te...... Read more

Reasons to Check your Cooling Capacity Before Summer24 May, 2017

Although the UK has a generally cool climate which is idea for data centres, it can still see warm temperatures in spring and summer. A temperate climate is much easier to control than most environments, however sufficient data centre cooling is still required to prevent overh...... Read more

The Future of Data Centres: What to Expect16 May, 2017

The data centre industry is constantly adapting, evolving and planning for a future of increased demand. Data centres today have already come a long way from the clunky servers and slow speeds of the first data storage facilities, thanks to constant innovation. But what exactl...... Read more


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