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Computer Room Cooling: Things to Consider19 July, 2017

When it comes to cooling the data centre or computer room, there are many factors which can impact its effectiveness. Firstly there is a wide range of cooling systems on the market for data centres, so choosing the right one which fits your site is essential. However even afte...... Read more

3 Ways a Data Centre Refurbishment can Improve Safety12 July, 2017

If you think your data centre is becoming out of date, then you don’t need to put up with old power systems and obsolete equipment which is using too much energy. It can be very expensive to replace a data centre with a new build, yet a refurbishment can drastically reva...... Read more

How Good Data Centre Design Can Save you Money05 July, 2017

How does efficient design relate to commercial savings? When it comes to designing and building a data centre, the two go hand in hand. The main reason is the amount of space that can be saved with a sleek and professional floor plan. Reducing the amount of space will reduce b...... Read more

Data Centre Problems to Look out for this Summer29 June, 2017

High temperatures and unpredictable weather can cause issues during the summer. While the Northern Hemisphere has a favourable climate for building data facilities, the UK can still experience long periods of warm weather which can interfere with data centre operations. We&rsq...... Read more

The Different Types of Data Centre Cooling22 June, 2017

Once upon a time there wasn’t much choice when it came to data centre cooling and air conditioning units. Now there are a multitude of data centre cooling systems available, and it can actually be difficult to work out which is the best option for your data facility. The...... Read more

Data Centre Build Disasters to Avoid15 June, 2017

Designing and building a data centre is a huge job, and unless the project is carried out by a good data centre construction company, there’s a long list of things that could go wrong. From not planning for power failure to failing to check the current building for probl...... Read more


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