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3 Things you Should Know About Data Centre Refurbishments

13 April, 2017

3 Things you Should Know About Data Centre Refurbishments

Because of the rapid evolution of data centre technology, data facilities built even ten to twenty years ago can now be seriously outdated. There has been significant developments in data centre design, construction, storage and cooling equipment to consider, and this means that sticking with older designs and technology could be much more expensive.

Sometimes a data centre refurbishment is necessary because you need to expand, and the original design wasn’t built for growth. Upgrades can also be performed if certain equipment needs to be replaced or installed.

If you’re considering any kind of refurbishment or extension to your current data centre, here are some things you should know.

It’s probably more cost effective than a new build

Many businesses are often at a crossroads when they realise their data centre is no longer effective. Would it be better to improve the current facility or invest in a new build? In most cases, a company would benefit from a refurbishment following professional advice for improvements. The only reason to build a new data centre would be if there was a prime location in mind or you wanted to move the facility closer to head office or another data centre.

Safety systems might be out of date

Whatever the reason for a revamp, you might find that there’s more work to be done than originally thought. When updating hardware or installing more space for servers, data centre experts may notify you that certain safety systems, security features or fire detection measures also need upgrading to be brought up to industry standards.

Increase capacity and improve efficiency

A refurbishment can achieve many things for businesses, some which might be thought possible. For example, if you’re extending the space how can future energy bills possibly be lower than they are now? It’s all about installing the latest innovations which offer the latest energy efficiency levels. For example, replacing air conditioning with adiabatic cooling systems can drastically reduce the energy used for cooling. A data centre refurbishment can increase capacity and improve energy efficiency at the same time.

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