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4 Benefits of Flash Storage

24 May, 2016

4 Benefits of Flash Storage


When it comes to storage, data centres need an efficient solution which takes up as little physical space as possible. Flash storage technology is definitely growing throughout the industry, but what has sparked this adoption? Read on for some of the main benefits of flash storage to understand why it is proving so popular within data centres.

1. Speed

Flash memory is well known for improving the speed of everything. It enables faster processing even for large workloads, which therefore improves performance. Data is simply fed faster, which gives real time results to staff, other applications and end users.

2. Data security

Any data centre can become a victim of a power outage, which can be disastrous for the data stored there. A flash storage system collects and stores data accurately, and with an SSD data which is lost in a blackout can be retrieved safely.

3. Can be adopted at all tiers

Flash storage has been around for a while, but mainly in small devices and consumer products. For example you’ll find it in smartphones and tablets, cameras and possibly laptops. However, as it has developed, it is now just as effective in larger applications and pieces of equipment. Flash is not only for storage in a data centre – it can also be used in servers and networking equipment for the ultimate results in faster processing.

4. Overall performance

Flash enabled storage simply boost the performance of a range of different workloads. For example, if lots of people log on at the same time, you’ll be able to copy with that increased pressure and there will be no impact on the end users. It’s also great for media streaming, ensuring a smooth and steady stream as it effectively delivers the data.

A USB pendrive

Business Examples of Flash

Here are a few examples of how incorporating flash storage into your data centre design can ensure a better experience for your customers.

Cloud computing – if you offer a cloud system or enterprise application, flash allows customers to access information faster and keep response times within a satisfactory time frame.

Ecommerce – flash storage allows users to access a shopping cart and order products faster than ever before. Orders are processed faster which results in customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Data analytics – due to quick and efficient data processing, flash can be used to improve real time data analytics.

Do you use flash storage or thinking about incorporating it into the data centre? Let us know your thoughts.

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