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5 Tips to Enhance the Security of Cloud Based Data

22 December, 2014

enhance securityThe iCloud has been surrounded by a lot of controversy and scandal as of late, with numerous leaks spiralling out of the cloud and an endless array of hacked accounts being reported amongst celebrities and members of the public alike. Such scandals have simply highlighted the importance of keeping our personal and commercial data safe and secure. Here are 5 ways to do just that when using Apple’s Cloud Based Data Centre iCloud.

1.     Avoid Storing Sensitive Data on the Cloud

In the aftermath of celebrity nude photo leaks, many chose to criticise the afflicted celebrities for their naivety and ignorance, even going as far as to suggest that celebrities are exempt from the privacy laws afforded to the rest of us. In the wake of such salacious leaks, it has become important to ensure that any information that is considered sensitive should not be stored on the platform. When considering what data should be labelled as sensitive, any item or picture that you would not be happy being made public should be stored elsewhere. In the world of hackers, we need to vigilantly guard our most intimate data.

2.     Be Sure to Read the User Agreement

Very few of us thoroughly read the user agreement. We neglect the details as often as we ignore ‘terms and conditions’ documentation but by reading the agreement extensively we can understand better how the cloud works and what exactly we are protected against. There are a variety of services available so by accurately gauging which is appropriate for you, you can avoid nasty surprises!

3.     Think Carefully About Your Password

The password is the portal through which hackers can manipulate your data. Construct a complex password that is a mixture of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. Make sure that the password is unique to your cloud account. Don’t use the same password that you use for everything else and stay away from obvious guesses involving your birthday or mother’s maiden name. Change your password often to keep potential hackers on their toes.

4.     Encrypt Your Data

Encryption involves creating a password for your file as you move it to the cloud. Anyone who does not know the password cannot view the file. This is the most efficient way to keep your data safe as hackers will have to smash through more than one password.

  1. 5.     Use an Encrypted Cloud Service

Some cloud services offer encryption known as ‘zero knowledge’ privacy that even excludes service administrators!

Follow these tips and you’ll be more secure than most – but not exempt from a security hack. So just remember, don’t keep anything too sensitive on the Cloud.


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