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5 Ways Data Centres Affect Your Daily Life

13 January, 2015

data centre at workWhile most people envision data centres as inaccessible digital fortresses owned my multi-national mega corporations, they actually play a key role in how we navigate day-to-day life. To help you gain a better understanding of just how important they are we’ve put together this write up which sheds light on some of the major ways data centres infiltrate everyday existence.

Processing Facebook posts

Hosting over 900 million users and counting, Facebook is one of the busiest websites on the planet. Thankfully the social networking hub is supported by cutting edge infrastructure which ensures that every one of its global users enjoys a seamless online experience. The company currently operates a handful of purpose built data centres including one located in Prineville, Oregon and another in Lulea, Sweden. Facebook also leases space in several wholesale data centre facilities located across the USA.  

Carrying out ATM withdrawals 

According to recent statistics from the Global Findex database around 50% of the world’s adult population have a bank account. This translates to over 3.5 billion accounts based in different countries across the globe. So how do financial institutions keep track of such a colossal number of customer details? Most lease or own data centres which power everything from ATM withdrawals to internet banking.

Online shopping

The online shopping sector is booming, with more and more buyers turning to the convenience, choice and cost effectiveness of internet transactions. The market is powered by a network of data centres which store customer details, process transactions, track inventories and more. Global online shopping giant Amazon operates purpose built data centres across the globe, including mega-facilities in Dublin and Frankfurt.

Storing content in the cloud

The cloud has quickly emerged as the world’s unrivalled choice for safely storing content and information. While the experience may seem to shun the need for physical technology, data centres sit at the core of the cloud computing phenomenon. Whether you use the cloud to house business related documents or store personal photographs, all content is amassed in a data centre leased or owned by your cloud storage provider.

Hospitals and healthcare

In healthcare environments accurate records and patient information can mean the difference between life and death. Data centres are now being used by hospitals to house electronic record-management systems which help to boost efficiency and enhance the overall patient experience.

These are just some of the ways in which data centres influence the way in which we navigate everyday life. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the internet the demand for data centre space is only set to skyrocket. 


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