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5 Ways to Reduce Data Centre Cooling Costs

28 April, 2016

5 Ways to Reduce Data Centre Cooling Costs


Did you know that cooling costs make up the majority of a data centre’s power consumption bill? Keeping equipment racks at the optimal operating temperature is an expensive job, but it’s also essential to the running of any data facility. Take a look at ITE Projects’ guide to reducing air conditioning and cooling costs without compromising on performance. 

1.    Operate at the highest possible temperature

Yes, data centres need to be kept cool – but most equipment can still operate effectively a few degrees warmer than the average data centre temperature. By allowing the highest possible operating temperature – even if it’s just a couple of degrees – you’ll save significantly on cooling costs. It’s a small alteration which won’t affect servers but could drastically improve energy efficiency.

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2.    Reduce the cooling area

One very common mistake made by many data centre managers is cooling the entire data facility needlessly. If you have unused zones and large areas of floor space, you can easily reduce the area which needs cooling. This is one of the easiest ways to cut cooling costs and definitely won’t affect equipment performance as that area of cooling will stay the same.

3.    Flexible design

If you incorporate cooling systems into the initial design of the data centre, you’ll ensure that it will operate as efficiently and economically as possible. Adjust the layout of server racks will enable you to create the smallest cooling areas possible – which will drastically reduce your energy spend.

4.    Measure cooling effectiveness

There are a few ways now to help identify how effective the overall data centre cooling system is. Thermal mapping can help identify areas which are receiving more cool air than required, so this can then be adjusted to improve energy efficiency. CFD modelling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a 3D tool which measures cooling and airflow to improve data centre design.

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5.    Invest in the latest technology such as Indirect Adiabatic Cooling

Air conditioning and cooling technology is constantly evolving, and the newest innovations offer the most efficient performance. Indirect Evaporative Adiabatic Cooling takes advantage of the natural process of evaporation to cool data centres. As a compressor-less system, it needs less energy to operate and is one of the most eco-friendly cooling systems available today.

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