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A Guide to Indirect Evaporative Adiabatic Cooling

09 February, 2016

Have you heard of the latest innovation in data centre cooling? Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) is being rolled out globally throughout data facilities to effectively cool spaces without the need for mechanical cooling. The data centre cooling specialists at ITE Projects have put together this useful guide for those who want to know more about the data centre cooling system and how it can save energy costs and improve the sustainability of data centres.

Why was IEC developed?

Data centres have huge carbon footprints, so there has been pressure to develop new technologies which can effectively cool data centres by using less energy. The industry also needed a way to utilise the outdoor air surrounding data centres, which is often cool enough to be used within a facility but up until now had not been put to use for fear of contamination. Smoke and other hazards could potentially cause air pollution, but now this revolutionary cooling method has found a way to use ambient outdoor air to effectively cool data centres.

No Compressor

The main difference between conventional cooling systems and Indirect Evaporative Adiabatic Cooling processes is there is it is a compressor-less system. The evaporative process is highly efficient and therefore there is no need for any additional cooling. This can result in cost savings for maintenance, infrastructure and operating expenses.

How does IEC work?

Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems work by taking advantage of a natural scientific process – evaporation. Warm air from the data centre racks enters the air passages in the ‘StatiqCooler’ heat exchanger. On the opposite side where there is primary air, the system has a hygroscopic layer on the outside. A second air stream flows in the opposite direction and evaporates the moisture from the hygroscopic layer. This process cools the primary air, which is then circulated back through the cool aisles in the data centre. The remaining air is discharged to the atmosphere.

Low Maintenance

This innovative cooling system uses just softened water, EC fans and ambient outdoor air. Nothing more and nothing less! This means that compared to other pieces of equipment an IEC system requires very little maintenance. A small pump, valves and fans are all that will require maintaining so the system is very reliable and unlikely to fail.

Want to find out more about Indirect Evaporative Adiabatic Cooling? ITE Projects have teamed up with Air@Work to deliver these efficient cooling systems to data centres UK-wide. Call us today to arrange a consultation.


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