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All You Need To Know About The Perfect Computer Room Build

13 November, 2014

Best Computer RoomWhether you are refurbishing an existing data centre or initiating a completely new build, the project requires prioritisation and planning. Our comprehensive walk through will tell you all you need to know to create the perfect computer room build.  

We are ideally placed to do so as we specialise in the design, build and maintenance of both data centres and IT facilities. Our knowledge of the industry has enabled us to construct tailor made data centres for clients throughout the UK and abroad. We prioritise the following areas when beginning a build:

  • Location

-       Your build needs to have access to a power supply. You can confirm the existence of such with your local electricity supply authority and landlord. You may need to consider the possibility of further power being required in future, for instance in the case of expansion. In the event of this, the supply upgrade cost can be sought from the electrical supply authority. You must also ensure that you have a carrier and connection available.

-       If alterations to the exterior of the building are required, planning permission must be sought. Authorities require energy conservation reports to be submitted in the event that the intention for a room is to change, for instance, transforming a car park into an air conditioning sector. To internally change the building, building regulations are required.

-       In residential areas, noise restrictions abound. This needs to be considered when setting up air conditioning units and generator sets to select suitable options that don’t violate noise limitations.

-       Ensuring that there is adequate space for air flow surrounding air conditioning units, generator sets and external switchgear enclosures should be a priority. You’ll also want to check that there is parking and goods loading areas so that equipment can easily be offloaded.

-       You’ll need to ensure that access to your site is controlled by authoritative representatives. Surveying your location is essential as building near airports, mobile masts, landfill sites, dams and rivers and chemical plants is not advisable as EMC from transmitter and radar masts can negatively influence your equipment. 

  • Building

-       Type, size and layout are essential considerations. The options available to you will be influenced by these decisions.

-       Users of the room will need access to toilets, fire exits, kitchen, staff rest room and any other essential communal area. Other sites may incorporate showering areas and dining halls. Receptions, waiting areas and a secure entrance are also important considerations to ensure the security of staff and equipment.

-       A goods lift and loading area are essential to transport equipment to the site.

-       Raised flooring is useful to prevent overheating of appliances and to contain cables.

  • Resilience

-       There are four tiers for clients to choose between that influences its resilience. It is possible to upgrade to a higher tier in future. Tier I is ideal for smaller builds, Tier II is ideal for computer builds and smaller data centres, tier III is better suited to larger builds and Tier IV is the ultimate option.

  • Efficiency 

-       The equipment and installation process you select have an impact on the efficiency of your build.  You can read up on a comprehensive list of desired equipment and processes to fortify your build and are free to contact us for recommendations.

  • Security 

-       Naturally to protect your build, you’ll want to implement either a fire detention or suppression system. This installation can then be monitored either on site or remotely as part of a maintenance plan.


-       Installing environmental monitoring and maintenance systems helps identify early on the symptoms of potential problems. If units develop faults maintenance teams can be called in quickly to rectify issues before they become cataclysmic to the build.


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