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Amazon Unveils Plans For Wind Powered Data Centre

08 April, 2015

Amazon Unveils Plans For Wind Powered Data Centre

Data centres have long since crystallised their status as the technology of tomorrow, with US information technology research and advisory firm Gartner recently predicting that this year, data centre spends will increase by 1.8%. In total, this will bring the average global spend up to a huge £143 billion. Yet in addition to increased sending there is another factor that will shape the face of tomorrow’s data centres – eco-friendly advancements.

Amazon Web Services Adopts Eco-Friendly Conscience

Saving the environment is at the top of the priority list for governments across the globe and this sentiment is gradually trickling down into policies. While there is still serious progress to be made at legislative level some companies are already stepping up and taking matters into their own hands. Amazon Web Services is one of these forerunners and has set an admirable example by using wind turbines to power its US data centres.

amazon data centre

The roll out of the 500,000 MWh AWS wind turbines is part of a companywide plan to meet renewable targets. The company has christened the scheme the Amazon Web Services Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge), with operations set to be in full swing by January 2016. Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern Development) has joined forces with Amazon to help develop the technology and allow the data centres to rely 100% on renewable energy.

Jerry Hunter, Vice President of Infrastructure at Amazon Web Services explains, “Amazon Web Services Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge) will bring a new source of clean energy to the electric grid where we currently operate a large number of data centres and have ongoing expansion plans to support our growing customer base.”

Pressure from environmental organisations

While Amazon’s wind farm powered data centres are technically being developed by the company they were partially inspired by pressure from environmental organisations such as Greenpeace. The global charity says, “Amazon’s data centres consume massive amounts of electricity, and they’re proliferating incredibly quickly, which is why today’s news is so crucial and promising.”

The next generation of data centres?

The world is rapidly developing a growing awareness for the need to minimise environmental impact and make eco-friendly choices wherever possible. As data centres are one of the biggest energy consumers on the planet, and are also set to undergo significant industry growth over the next few years, eco-friendly technology and sustainable energy will play an important role in powering data centres of the future. 


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