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An Insight into Data Centres of the Future

23 May, 2016

An Insight into Data Centres of the Future


With the data centre industry rapidly growing and evolving, it’s an intriguing thought to ponder the data centres of the future. What will they look like, and how will they be powered? Our everyday lives will probably depend on data facilities more than ever, so they will certainly need to be reliable and durable. Read on for an insight into future data centres and how they will differ from today’s buildings.

An image of a data centre

Sci-fi Skyscrapers

In terms of aesthetic design, architects are already working on a building which is entirely different from the dull warehouse-like structures we use today for data centres. According to Gizmodo, The Data Tower is a project designed by two Italian architects, Marco Merletti and Valeria Mercuri, which instantly transports you to another planet. The spaceship structure is tall and slim, with silver panels creating a jagged outline. 

While the project is little more than a sketch and a digital image, the pair have also thought about where the data skyscraper would be built. Iceland is the intended destination, which is proving popular for data centres due to its cool climate and sustainable geothermal energy. However, the question remains whether anyone will actually take the stylish data centre design and build it.

Future Skycrapers Data Centre

Power Sources

We all know that drastic efforts need to be made in order to protect the environment – we can’t carry on using fossil fuels for much longer. But with data centre demand increasing, sustainable energy resources and advancements in using them need to develop quickly if we are to make any progress. It is predicted that by 2025 data centres will move away from fossil fuels and turn to renewable energy solutions.

Solar is already a popular choice – it is currently being used to power data centres particularly in the USA. Giants of the industry Apple are currently leading the way in reneweable energy sources, combining wind-powered electricity, solar power and geothermal power to fuel its data centres and corporate facilities. Apple says that 75% of its facilities are fuelled by renewable energies, but it won’t stop until it reaches 100%.

In the near future, we predict all data centres large and small will be following Apple’s lead in clean, sustainable energy. In the 2020s and beyond, businesses won’t have a choice as fossil fuels continue their serious decline.

What do you think data centres of the future will look like?


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