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Cloud Data Centre VS Traditional Data Centre

08 September, 2016

Over the past decade, the way we process and store data has changed and evolved at a rapid pace. At one time to store any form of data you had to store it physically in a data centre or storage facility. But the introduction of cloud computing has led to new ways of storing and analysing a growing amount of data.

In an increasingly digital world, it was inevitable that data storage would be one of the first things to be moved online. Using a cloud data has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is a great way for smaller businesses to get started without having to worry about physically storing data themselves. Read on for the major differences between traditional data centres and cloud data centres.

Image of Servers

The Traditional Data Centre

A business data centre is generally a medium to large sized facility with a mixed hardware environment. It houses a large range of equipment and applications in order to manage complex workloads. In a traditional data centre setup, you can customise the building, choose a team of knowledgeable staff and run your own operations. Data is saved onto servers and a network and you can put back-up protection in place in case there is a loss of data or operational/power fault. Running this kind of data centre can be costly, but many businesses feel the cost is justified to look after their customer data in a dedicated facility.

The Cloud Data Centre

Cloud data centres are managed by cloud service providers. They generally have a simpler setup with very few applications and types of software. Instead of physically storing the data, it is saved onto the cloud – but this is only suitable for simple workloads. Cloud services are attractive because the cost is generally lower than managing your own traditional data centre. However, it is important to consider that you don’t have the same control as with your own traditional data centre, as a third party is managing your data. Security is another disadvantage – you’ll be entrusting your data to a cloud service provider so it could be more difficult to keep data secure.

Cloud Network

Cloud data centre services may be a cost effective option, but it’s important to think about your business needs before deciding to abandon the traditional data centre.


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