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Cloud Data Centres Set To Dominate

04 March, 2015

Cloud Data Centres Set To Dominate

The latest research from the Cisco Cloud Index Report has predicted that by 2018 more than three quarters of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres, with just 22 percent processed by traditional data centres. As ‘The Internet of Things’ continues to infiltrate everyday objects the need for high capacity data centres will continue to grow. This goes hand in hand with the growing need to modernise systems and make the switch to next generation cloud data centre technology. Want to know more about the undisputed technology of tomorrow? Read on for an overview of the emerging system and how it’s set to dominate by 2018.


Consumer cloud storage on the rise

So what’s behind this growing trend? One of the major factors driving the surge in cloud technology is the global adoption of mobile devices. Another key factor is the prediction that by 2018 half of the world’s population will have access to a residential internet connection. Of these, 53% will use personal cloud storage, with the average user racking up 811 megabytes of traffic per month. This represents a 625 megabyte jump from 2013’s figures.


A growth in private cloud adoption

Public cloud storage will play an important role in pushing cloud data centre growth however experts also maintain that private cloud adoption is equally, if not more significant. Cisco predicts that by 2018 a huge 69% of cloud workloads will be allocated to private cloud data centres.  Kelly Ahuja, Cisco, Senior Vice President explains, "When people discuss cloud, they often focus on public cloud services or public cloud storage services. However, a very significant majority of today's cloud workloads are actually processed in private cloud environments.” As a result, Ahuja asserts that data centre workloads will have to be equipped with the intelligence to “bridge across a hybrid private/public cloud environment."


Data centre traffic set to soar

What does this mean for data centres? By the end of 2018 Cisco predicts that annual global data centre traffic will hit 8.6 zettabytes. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 23% over the past five years. To put this figure into perspective, 8.6 zettabytes equates to screening every film and TV show ever made (an estimated 500,000 and 3 million respectively) 250,000 in ultra-high definition!


The world proves it’s cloud ready 

While in 2013 79 countries met requirements for fixed network cloud compatibility, Cisco reported that by the end of last year 109 were eligible for a single advanced application. The number of countries meeting intermediate single application requirements also grew from 42 to 52. This cumulative growth is set to continue in 2015 and will see an increasing number of countries start to adopt cloud data centre technology.


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