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Cloud Gaming Emerges As Next Big Thing in Entertainment

18 September, 2014

Cloud Based GamingWith experts predicting the cloud gaming industry will exceed $1 billion by 2019, there are a huge number of opportunities on offer for both gaming developers and cloud storage providers. Read on for a glimpse at what’s in store for the industry and how cloud technology is set to significantly enhance the gaming experience.  

Access to accounts from anywhere, at anytime

For hard-core gamers, the ability to access personal accounts from anywhere at any time is a huge benefit. Whether they are at a friend’s house in the same neighbourhood or visiting family members overseas, cloud gaming will allow players to log into their accounts and kick off right where they left off.

Lag free gaming

Developers channel a huge amount of time and money into making the gaming experience as smooth and seamless as possible. Yet despite their best efforts, many gamers still experience lag and downtime. Cloud technology offers a cutting edge solution to the problem that will see even the most complex of games run flawlessly. Microsoft is at the forefront of lag free gaming with its next generation cloud based gaming system called DeLorean.

 Stream games from the web

Thanks to ultra-fast cloud based data storage, players will enjoy the opportunity to stream games directly from the internet onto any given device. From laptops and PCs to consoles and tablets, the flexibility is enormous. Sony is fronting the pack with its next generation cloud based gaming service, PlayStation Now. Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment chief explains, “Playing your favourite PS3 game on your television will become a reality.”

Minimised need for physical software

Rather than purchase software in store, gaming enthusiasts will be able to rely entirely on cloud technology to download and play their favourite titles. The eliminated need for physical software will give game developers the chance to boost their bottom lines as well as pass savings onto their customers. Disc free gaming also eradicates the risk of scratches and lost software while the lack of installation and set-up will save gamers a huge amount of time and effort.


Data centres are the key to rolling out cloud based gaming and helping developers offer their customers a next generation entertainment experience. With over 10 years of experience in data centre builds, ITE Projects is the go-to provider for companies that demand exceptional service, quality and reliability.



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