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Common Data Centre Mistakes

02 December, 2015

In high-trafficGetting Rid of Mistakes data centres, small mistakes made by distracted staff can quickly turn into a disaster. Although they may seem robust, servers and data centre designs can be fragile and disrupted by even the smallest hiccup. The IT experts at ITE Projects have come up with a definitive list of common mistakes made in the data centre – make sure you don’t commit any of these server room sins.


  1. 1.   Security fails


A data centre is a huge asset for a business – your operations rely on it entirely. So why would you willingly welcome in unnecessary members of staff or random members of the public into your facility? Think about how many sets of keys there are for the data centre – are they all necessary? Do you keep a list of everyone who owns the keys and do they know the responsibility this entails? Restricting access to your data centre is vital – otherwise you might as well ask politely for people to come and steal your data – and your customers.’ Check the CCTV regularly to look out for suspicious activity or people entering the facility who shouldn’t have access.


  1. 2.   Electricity blunders


Electricity is the life and soul of a data centre, which is why it’s vital to keep it feeding the facility. Common electricity blunders include not having an adequate generator, accidentally shutting off all power, and pulling too much electricity from a single source. Ensure important switches aren’t in easy to reach places or locations where they could accidentally be brushed past, and have secure covers and warning stickers.


  1. 3.   Cable maze


Data centre equipment requires a lot of cables – fact. But unless you keep in control of those cables, a disaster is just waiting to happen. Cables should never be left to hang from worktops or from the ceiling, be left in a pile on the floor or looped around server racks. Not only is this breaking basic health and safety requirements, but it also increases the risk of a data loss disaster if somebody does trip and the maze of cables comes crashing down. Cables should always be tidy and out of sight – don’t let bad habits sneak into your data centre.


  1. 4.   Lack of management


How many people actually know the deep workings of your data centre? If it’s just the Head of IT or one technical infrastructure expert, then you need to make sure the management is adequate and everything is recorded. If the only person you knows how to run the data centre is suddenly taken ill, can another staff member take over? Are all domain passwords and facility instructions accessible and clear? If not, disaster could be just around the corner.


These are just a few common mistakes committed by many businesses – don’t let your data centre commit them.


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