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Computer Rooms To Die For

20 November, 2014

When designing the ideal computer room, most clients prioritise functionality, practicality and efficiency but creating the correct aesthetic appeal is essential. Each company and clientele base is attempting to cultivate their own unique ambiance in order to promote a fully functional, visually pleasing space that reflects your brand. As a home away from home for many, here are 5 computer room builds that tick the box for unusual, dynamic, innovatively striking design to help you achieve a unique bespoke look to bring your brand out of the ordinary.

1) Computer Room 1


Google has data centres all over the world and recently allowed the ever curious public to take a peek inside their prestigious hallowed halls. This comprehensive design is strategically designed to provide plenty of space and a regimented construction that ensures workers can easily access and locate servers. This authentically stunning, fully comprehensive design powers the powerhouse that is Google and looks almost futuristic in its elegance ensuring the company remain light-years ahead of competitors.


2) computer room 2

This is one of our all time favourite designs because it reflects beautifully our ethos that as well as being practical and functional, computer rooms can also be aesthetically reflective of a business. This vibrant, vital design packs bold, emblazoned brilliance utilising Google’s trademark juicy colour scheme to create an absolutely innovative design. Looking more like a children’s’ playground, workers can use the quirky bicycles to traverse the expanse of this gargantuan server room. It might not be the choice for most organisations but Google knows what it’s doing and has cultivated a true data centre to die for that tops our list any day of the week.


3)Computer Room 3


Metronet’s data centre is sleek and stark with plenty of hall space for manoeuvre and a gothic colour scheme that works in an ultra modern space. Exits are clearly marked overhead to ensure that health and safety standards remain unbreached. This look would suit most modern offices and workspaces and the clean, unfussy look wins top marks with us as a highly professional looking build.

4)Computer Room 4

Microsoft has packed over 1 million servers into this dynamic data centre. The stunning colour scheme looks like something out of the space age, making convenient use of space whilst also comprehensively stocking each and every server. This design is absolutely eye-catching as well as astronomically effective.






Social media platform Facebook has become an industry juggernaut. Their clean, crisp data centre also reflects the company’s colour scheme of understated blues whilst maximising space in a user friendly manner. We like the functionality and positioning of this design. It’s simple and straightforward and highly deserving of a like.  


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