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Current Trends in Data Centre Design

24 May, 2016

Current Trends in Data Centre Design


The data centre is changing rapidly, and always evolving to ensure maximum energy efficiency and performance. Demand is increasing and technology is progressing, which is lending itself to a number of current trends in data centre design. For the latest industry trends in power, cooling, space and design, read the ITE Projects guide below.  

Data centre managers are always looking for ways to increase reliability and reduce running costs. Here are some of the ways they can achieve this, now or in the near future…


When it comes to IT hardware, more companies are noting the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructures. It is a big initial investment but has many advantages. For example, a hyper-converged platform can manage more workloads with less servers, freeing up space. Bringing together a host of disconnected systems and separate pieces of hardware, hyper-convergence is also the key to disaster recovery and data back-up.

Evaporative Cooling

Cooling and power density go hand in hand – the more advanced and efficient the cooling equipment, the more power can be pumped into one rack or area. New cooling techniques such as adiabatic cooling offer a reliable and cost effective solution. Using outdoor air and water, the sustainable cooling technique abandons the need for harmful refrigerants and can significantly reduce a data centre’s energy output. Running costs and maintenance costs also remain low because of the lack of moving parts – making these systems the next big trend in cooling.

Renewable Energy

The data industry has a huge responsibility when it comes to the environment – which is why we’re seeing more and more large scale companies investing in green energy. From solar power to geothermal energy, big businesses are experimenting with the location of their data facilities and renewable resources to power them – and it’s only a matter of time before all companies are forced to follow suit.

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Measuring Efficiency

For data centres to improve, it’s important to measure metrics accurately. In terms of measuring efficiency, at the moment the industry relies on PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). However some experts say this isn’t enough, and we need better metrics in order to move forward. There will soon be a trend for IT gurus to measure everything, not just electricity – such as water use and wasted heat – to reveal the bigger picture in energy efficiency.

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