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Custom Built Data Centres Are On The Rise

19 August, 2014

Google's Custom Data CentreWe are undeniably living in a digital age and as technology continues to establish itself as an integral part of everyday life, the demand for custom built data centres has sky rocketed. From text messages and emails to ATM withdrawals and eCommerce, technology has emerged as an indispensable part of contemporary life.  Recent research from Digital Realty confirms this idea, with 85% of surveyed data centre managers claiming that they planned to increase their data centre use over the coming year.

While data centres are by no means a new invention, the demand for the information hubs has surged in recent years due to the development of cloud technology. Redefining computing as a service as opposed to a product, the cloud has revolutionised the way in which people share, store and access data. Used by individuals, businesses and government organisations alike, the cloud has quickly grown to become the preferred method of data storage across a variety of different sectors. There are a range of highly valuable benefits on offer, including reduced software costs, minimised pressure on IT departments, enhanced productivity, increased collaboration and scalability.

While it may seem simple enough to carry out daily technology related tasks via the cloud, the reality is that firms are required to store data in a secure environment. Efficiency is also of the utmost importance, with easy and instant access to data playing a critical role in enhancing customer satisfaction and maximising profitability.  While the process may seem invisible to the naked eye, information is in fact stored in high tech data centres. These are relied upon to store and distribute information in a way that is safe, secure and efficient.

Andrew Milroy, head analyst at consulting firm Frost & Sullivan agrees, explaining to the BBC, "Data centres are mission critical facilities for firms. A failure on this front can have disastrous consequences, especially if you are a large enterprise."

As global reliance on the cloud continues to grow, a simultaneous demand for the building of new data centres has emerged. For companies with existing data centres, a trend to modernise facilities in order to reap the benefits of next generation energy efficient IT equipment has also arisen. This is referred to as ‘data centre transformation’ and will only gain momentum as the world continues to embrace the widespread benefits of intelligent cloud technology.

To add to the rapid increase in data centre demand, developers are now incorporating cloud technology into prospective IT strategies. In turn, this is set to create even more demand for data centre design, build and maintenance services. 


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