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Data Centre Adiabatic Cooling

28 May, 2015

Data Centre Adiabatic Cooling

ITE Projects Ltd have partnered with Air@Work from the Netherlands to supply and install indirect adiabatic cooling systems for data centres in the UK.

The Air@Work system operates with a unique heat exchanger ‘StatiqCooler’, the internal passages have a hygroscopic (water-attracting) layer where evaporation and heat transfer takes place directly at the interface. This process is extremely efficient and will avoid the need for any additional mechanical cooling.

This cooling system uses energy efficient EC fans, ambient outdoor air and softened water. That’s all. This compressor-less system results in savings of up to 90% on your conventional mechanical cooling system energy costs!

Visit our Adiabatic Cooling page for more details

Adiabatic Cooling Unit

Or call ITE Projects today to arrange for a no obligation consultation on the feasibility of installing this latest efficient indirect adiabatic cooling systems in your new build or to replace your conventional mechanical data centre air conditioning system.


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