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Data Centre Design Checklist

01 September, 2016

Designing a data centre from scratch is a long and complicated task. There are so many things to consider, from efficient floorplans to secure infrastructures, not to mention carbon footprints and eco credentials. If you’re in the process of data centre design don’t worry – the experts at ITE Projects are on hand to answer all your questions. They’ve even helped you out with this handy checklist. You’re welcome!


During the building planning stage, it’s important to safeguard the facility. Think about including smoke and fire detectors as well as flood detection/prevention measures and a way to control humidity levels. Also in this category you could prepare for any power outages with back-up generators. This will make your data centre more resilient and keep it running 24/7

.Image of Fire Detector


Data centres require the highest level of physical and virtual security measures. These need to cover staff safety, site protection and defences to guard customer and business data. Many security processes can be added at the design and planning stage to create a well secured build.

Power and network

To have an efficient and successful data centre, it’s essential you choose the right power supply and network facilities. You’ll need multiple connections to power providers and battery back-ups, along with numerous high speed networks to support the amount of data being processed. The operation will rely on networks and power supply, so these need to be arranged well in advance and you should organise contingency supplies.

Image of a Power Cable


Sufficient cooling is needed to allow any data centre to operate fully. If you plan for the air conditioning equipment while you’re designing the building, you’ll be able to get the most out of the design. There are many different data centre cooling options to choose from, some more cost effective and eco-friendly than others. You can also create hot and cold aisles to optimise efficiency and keep the data centre at the correct temperature.


When you’re designing a data centre, it’s a good idea to consider possibilities of the future. Right now your business needs may require a certain size facility in a particular location, but what could the near future hold? There is no harm in asking for extra exterior land for a potential expansion, or figuring out if you’d be able to add more levels for extra equipment.

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