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Data Centre Handed Over to B&Q / Kingfisher

22 July, 2016

Data Centre Handed Over to B&Q / Kingfisher

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ITE Projects hand over phase 1 of a data centre cooling replacement programme for Kingfisher / B&Q group.

The work was completed to a high standard working in a live data hall and a battery / UPS room and involved replacing old computer room air conditioning units with new high efficiency inverter driven units.

The 11 units were replaced in 4 phases ensuring adequate cooling was maintained to all parts of the data centre at all times, while the data hall was kept live throughout the whole operation.

Kingfisher group were very satisfied with the installation and have reported significantly reduced running costs.

The project was the first for ITE where we used BIM software for part of the planning drawings.


ITE Projects have been awarded the contract to upgrade the cooling in the second B&Q data hall, work started in July and as in the phase 1 involves the replacement of 8 air handling units within a live data hall.


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