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Data Centre Refurbishment Explained

04 March, 2015

Data Centre Refurbishment Explained

The modern economy is becoming increasingly reliant on technology which goes hand in hand with an increased demand for data centres. The state-of-the-art digital hubs are used to store and process critical data for clients operating in all market sectors, from banking, communications, government operations and healthcare to transport, education, hospitality and infrastructure. A recent study from Gartner revealed the extent of global data centre growth, with analysts predicting that in 2015 the world’s data centre spend will jump to 1.8%. While a large portion of this will be due to new builds, data centre refurbishments will also play a role in rising global spends.

So why will some companies choose to commission data centre refurbishment projects rather than contract a brand new build? Below is a list of the key reasons that will make data centre refurbishment a popular choice in 2015.  

Cost effective

Choosing to refurbish or expand rather than commission a whole new site is often a far more cost effective option. Upgrading technologies, rearranging layouts and re-assessing overall operations can significantly increase data centre capacity without the need to build a whole new site.


Data centre builds can take a long time to finish whereas refurbishment projects can often be completed much sooner. For companies wanting to get new capacities up and running as soon as possible this is a major draw card.

Maintain functionality

Data centre downtime can cost companies a huge amount of cash. This means that it’s critical to keep sites fully operational wherever possible. Most data centre refurbishments allow companies to stay operative throughout the duration of the project.

Boost eco-friendly credentials

Giving a data centre an up-to-the-minute refurbishment allows companies to incorporate the latest eco-friendly technology into the design. This includes elements such as efficient cooling systems and strategic racking layout.

As Europe’s leading data centre design and build contractor ITE Projects has carried out refurbishment projects for an impressive portfolio of clients. Some of the company’s most recent achievements include adding a new UPS to the existing Mothercare / Early Learning Centre system without the need to shut down operations in the existing computer room, installing a new generator auto changeover panel for Nickelodeon while keeping the site fully operational, adding a new fire alarm and VESDA early warning smoke detection system to the Pulsant / Lumison site and extending the existing Iomart Manchester site. 


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