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Data Centre Spends Set To Jump 1.8% In 2015

26 March, 2015

Data Centre Spends Set To Jump 1.8% In 2015

Global data use is on the rise, with an increasing number of organisations relying on the advanced technological hubs to store and safeguard valuable information. While usage has been steadily increasing for the past few years, the latest data from US information technology research and advisory firm Gartner has revealed that in 2015 data centre spends are set to jump by 1.8%. This equates to an average global spend of £143 billion.


A global outlook

The figures were part of Gartner’s global IT spending outlook report which offered fascinating insight into how the world will use information technology budgets in 2015. One of the key predictions was that in 2015 IT spending will rise by 2.4% and bring annual spends up to US$3.8 trillion. 

So what does this mean for the world? Primarily an increase in data centre spends will result in more data centre builds and space to store information, more opportunities for companies to expand and hopefully, more jobs for data centre experts.


The rising US dollar

According to Gartner one of the major factors driving the data centre spend boost is the strengthening of the US dollar and the nation’s economy as a whole. With the US hosting a huge portion of the world’s mega-corporations a healthy economy goes hand in hand with increased cash to channel into data centre build projects. 


A booming economy means a booming tech industry

As mentioned earlier modern businesses are underpinned by a reliance on technology. From banks and legal firms to hospitals and hospitality, data centres are used to streamline operations and safety store data. A booming economy means growth across the board which then results in an increased demand for data centres. It’s this economic growth that will boost global data centre spends and continue to create a modern marketplace that relies on IT.  


New centres and upgrades

As well as new build projects the increase in data centre spend will also be caused by upgrading and expanding existing hubs. The latter is often a more cost effective way for businesses to increase their data centre capacity. 

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the data centre industry, with annual spend increase of 1.8% categorically proving that the state-of-the-art technology hubs will be a driving force of the modern economy. 


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