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Data Centre Traffic Set to Triple by 2018

29 December, 2014

Data Centre GrowthAs the world continues to move online the demand for data centres is set to skyrocket. In fact according to recent statistics from Cisco, data centre traffic is set to triple in size by 2018. This huge jump is driven by the fact that by 2018 almost half of the world’s population will maintain an active online presence.

The statistics were released as part of the company’s fourth annual Cisco Global Cloud Index which has quickly emerged as a go-to resource for up-to-the-minute insight into global trends. For the 2013-2018 period the US networking solutions giant predicts a huge surge in cloud traffic within the private sector. This demand will see the industry quickly overtake the scope of public storage.

A Cisco spokesperson explains, "Over the next five years, the study projects data centre traffic to nearly triple, with cloud representing 76 per cent of total data centre traffic. By 2018, half of the world's population will have residential Internet access and more than half of those users' content will be supported by personal cloud storage services."

When compared to 2013 statistics the surge in global data centre traffic will represent a combined annual growth rate of 23%. While 2013 traffic required 3.1 zettabytes per year, 2018 will see this figure soar to a huge 8.6 zettabytes. For readers unfamiliar with this digital unit of measurement, a zettabyte is equal to one trillion gigabytes.

"The 8.6 zettabytes of data centre traffic predicted for 2018 is equivalent to streaming all of movies (approximately 500,000) and television shows (3 million) ever made in ultra-high definition (UHD) 250,000 times," states the study.

Adding further intrigue to the Cisco study was the revelation that global cloud traffic is growing at a faster rate than global data centre traffic. While 2013 saw the cloud account for 54% of total data centre traffic, experts predict that in 2018 this number will surge to 76%. 

Kelly Ahuja, Cisco Senior VP for the Service Provider Business, Products and Solutions department explains, "When people discuss cloud, they often focus on public cloud services or public cloud storage services. However, a very significant majority of today's cloud workloads are actually processed in private cloud environment."

While some technology trends come and go, the convenience and sophistication of the cloud have cemented its status as the unchallenged technology of tomorrow. While there is rivalry between the private and public sectors, both offer individuals and businesses a next generation service which is only set to grow as more and more global residents realise the benefits of cloud technology. 


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