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Data Management Services VS Data Centre Build

23 December, 2015

Storing and Managing DataMany businesses face a tough choice when deciding how to process and store data: to build a private data centre or to trust data management services? There are pros and cons to each decision, and the right option for one company might not be the best option for the next business. Many companies may be tempted to choose a data management or hosting service simply because it seems like the most cost effective and simplest option – but it’s not always the case. We’ve put together the advantages and disadvantages of hosting and building your own facility.


Data Hosting and Management Services


A data hosting service is a great idea for a small business which is just starting out in the world of IT infrastructure. By handing over all your data management, you don’t really have to worry about anything – except paying a fee every single month. There are no initial start-up costs like there is with building your own data centre, but you will always have to rely on another company to run your services.


You also have no control over the quality of the data centre in which your data (and your customer’s data) will sit. You will have no power over the security of the data, and if the services company’s servers go down – so will yours. Also, while it may seem like the cheaper option, if you pay a hosting company for a quite a few years it’s the cost of building your own data centre.


Data Centre Build


More organisations are realising that building your own data centre actually has a myriad of benefits. It may seem like the more expensive option, but research has revealed that it’s actually cheaper to build your own rather than use a hosted service.


Having a private data centre also gives you total flexibility on all factors. Remember that building your own data centre doesn’t have to mean building an on-site data facility. You can choose to have your data centre location anywhere in the world, as you can hire the staff to run it pretty much anywhere. This gives your organisation ultimate flexibility in choosing the best countries – where are costs cheapest? Where is the climate cooler?


Of course, it is a huge responsibility to build a data centre from scratch, and it does need serious investment. Not only will you have initial costs for the build, but maintenance and energy bills to pay each month. But hosting companies are also becoming very expensive, so renting your servers could also become a huge chunk of your outgoings.


Choosing a data centre build means you can also control your energy costs. By trusting a skilled and reliable company to build your data centre, they can advise on the most efficient designs and ways you’ll be able to keep costs down in the future.


While both options have their advantages, more businesses are choosing to build their own facilities. Click here to find out more about the data centre build services from ITE Projects.


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