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Design And Build A Complete Data Centre With ITE Projects

12 August, 2014

Design And Build A Complete Data Centre With ITE Projects

As the UK’s leading data centre design and build contractor, ITE Projects offers its clients a complete range of design, build and maintenance services. The seasoned team of specialists boast a wealth of knowledge covering the following key areas:

Data centre design

A Data Centre Design Floor PlanDesigning a data centre from scratch takes extensive planning and meticulous attention to detail. ITE Projects boast an expert team of specialists who are trained to consider a range of different design related factors. Major points covered when drafting data centre design projects include location, building, resilience, efficiency and security. Within these main areas are further points that are individually evaluated for every unique project. These include concerns such as planning permission, noise restrictions, external influences, specialised areas for amenities/loading/meetings, tier specifications, best practice installation, fire detection and environmental monitoring.


ITE has extensive experience building data centres in a range of different locations. From warehouse conversions to multi-level office additions, the team aim to design data centres with zero single failure points.  This is done by incorporating multiple computer rack feeds as well as built-in redundancy features to ensure that a single malfunction will not have a widespread effect.


When designing a data centre, it is critical to ensure that is has access to a sufficient power supply. Using TIA-942 infrastructural data centre guidelines, ITE Projects designs and builds data centres up to Tier 4 standard.


Using the latest cutting edge technology, the ITE Projects team work tirelessly to slash energy costs without compromising on efficiency. This includes looking at factors such as air conditioning, the reuse of waste hot air and strategic positioning of floor grilles.

Fire protection

When it comes to early warning fire detection, ITE Projects offer clients an unmatched level of expertise. With knowledge covering the latest Hi-Fog water mist extinguishing and underfloor air scrubbing systems, clients enjoy the best technology on the market.

Air conditioning

Keeping data centres running at an optimised temperature is of the utmost importance. With an in-house team of close control air conditioning design and installation specialists, ITE Projects keeps data centres efficient, reliable and fully operational.  Considered factors include making use of outside air to maximise cooling efficiency, choosing equipment that is tolerant of higher temperatures, strategic layout of computer racking and the use of chilled water systems.

Computer room services

As well as providing comprehensive data centre services, ITE Projects also offer a wide range of computer room services. Encompassing build, design and air conditioning, the specialist team use their expertise to create computer rooms that deliver on efficiency, functionality and security.As an approved NIC EIC contractor for electrical installation work, ITE Projects are backed with the highest industry endorsement. All staff have successfully completed the Joint Industry Board Electrotechnical Certification Scheme while all in-house electricians are required to continually review the latest wiring regulations codes.


If you want to take advantage of the comprehensive range of data centre and computer room services on offer from ITE Projects, get in touch with an expert customer service assistant today. 


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