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Docklands Data Centre Phase 2 Completed

25 April, 2017

Docklands Data Centre Phase 2 Completed

ITE have completed the second phase of a data centre for Docklands Data Centres Ltd.

The upgrade included an additional 325m of data hall floor space to allow an additional 150 racks.

The data centre is cooled using efficient inverter controlled D.X. air handling units with an n+1 level of redundancy.
The same units were used at our B&Q data centre site near Portsmouth and were selected for their efficiency. Kingfisher group reported they were ‘very satisfied with the performance of the new Denco units and the impressive energy savings they produced.’

The addition of 800kVA UPS backup to complement the existing UPS system, this will give an A + B supply. The existing PDUs and switchgear had to be reconfigured to suit the new A + B system which was achieved with a minimum of down time.

Building Works:
The existing building partition layout was changed to accommodate the new data hall and included new 1 hour fire rated partition.
Extensive roof works were carried out to enable the installation of the new condenser units.

Fire Protection:
A new FM200 fire suppression and fire detection system was installed to BS5839 standards within the main data hall.
The new system was integrated into the house fire alarm system.


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