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Eco-Friendly IT Solutions For a Greener Future

02 September, 2014

data centre efficiencyAs the world continues to become increasingly environmentally aware, there has been a growing pressure on businesses and governments to adopt eco-friendly policies wherever possible. Data centres are no exception, with everyone from small scale cloud providers to global technology giants jumping on the environmentally responsible bandwagon. Apple is the latest high profile corporation to show its support for a greener future, recently hiring former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson as its top environmental advisor for its global network of data centres.

As industry leaders in the data centre design, build and maintenance sector, ITE Projects is committed to offering its clients eco-friendly options across every aspect of data centre operations:

Energy efficient air conditioning

Efficient air conditioning is an essential part of any new data centre, playing a critical role in keeping equipment fully functioning and drastically reducing the risk of fire damage. Yet the need for constant cooling of the air can chew up energy at an alarmingly rapid rate, making up for approximately one third of a data centre’s total overall power consumption. It is therefore essential for data centres to make energy efficient air conditioning choices in order to save both money and the natural environment. ITE Projects lead the way in energy efficient close control air conditioning solutions, focussing particularly on design in order to establish cooling systems that are both efficient and effective.


This includes looking at factors such as using outside air temperature as a part of the cooling process, strategically setting out computer racking into a hot and cold isle configuration which directs hot air back to the air handling equipment and making use of chilled water systems technology

 Energy saving lighting

Making the switch to energy saving lighting is one of the easiest ways to slash energy consumption. LED strips are ideal while timers and motion sensors can also be utilised in many areas. Research has shown that making the transition can improve a data centre’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) ranking by up to 25%. 

Choosing heat friendly equipment

Another effective way to reduce energy consumption is to choose electrical equipment that is capable of running at higher ambient temperatures. These can then be segregated from more sensitive items and supplied with warmer air which will result in additional energy savings.

Overall efficiency

Under government regulations, any new data centre is legally required to submit an energy conservation report as part of the initial planning process. As such, the ITE Projects team will work tirelessly to integrate the latest energy efficient technology into new data centre builds in order to reduce running costs wherever possible.

Reusing waste hot air

While it has not yet emerged as a solid eco-friendly solution, the reusing of waste hot air to provide heat to light industrial units backing onto data centre sites is currently being investigated by ITE Projects’ forward thinking team of energy efficient gurus.

Recent research published by JISC revealing that making energy efficient choices such as those mentioned above could result in annual savings of over £32,000. As well as benefiting a company’s bottom line, these savings will also help to ease the burden on the natural environment and create a greener, healthier future for the next generation.


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