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EU Approves EU-US Data Share Project

15 August, 2016

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The data transfer agreement has been long in the making, following a need to replace Safe Harbour – the previous settlement. This former framework was declared invalid last year, over concerns about intrusive US surveillance. For 15 years both sides were happy with the Safe Harbour framework, however allegations from former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden produced a mistrust of American companies and their abilities to snoop. There is now a stronger compliance challenge to protect EU citizens.

What does this mean for UK companies?

You might be reading this and thinking it rather irrelevant, now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. However, we are still bound by its laws until as a nation we formally exit the union, and the EU-US Privacy Shield is a new law which affects all EU citizens.

For individuals living in the EU, there will be more transparency about the transferring of personal data to US companies, and stronger protection of that data. For businesses based here in the UK, there should be little change as we have long followed the EU’s data privacy rules. This agreement is more to do with how US-based companies handle European data.

Possible UK-US Data Share Project?

Once the UK leaves the EU, difficult decisions will need to be made about how we share data with our allies and business partners around the world. A data transfer pact such as the EU-US Privacy Shield could pave the way for the sort of contracts we could have with the US and other European countries, which could assist in global business.

During the Brexit negotiations, it is important that the public be made aware of who has access to their personal data and how and where it will be stored. Cross-border data transfers are critical for international business, however without the EU government protecting our human rights, the UK government will have to step up.

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