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Giving Your Data Centre Visitor Appeal

19 January, 2016

Traditionally, data centres have been no-frills, function-before-form facilities that, when they did receive visitors, did so rarely enough that visitor comfort was low on the priority list. Today, however, data centres are ever more central to organisational success, and clients are interested in (and sometimes insistent on) visiting. And that’s a positive change—having customers visit a data facility means being able to interact and engage in new ways, and makes people more interested in data and the cloud. 

However, it does mean that data centres need to take a page from the books of more traditional customer-facing office environments, and improve their visitor appeal through interior design.  Here are a few quick, easy, and effective tips on how to do that.

  1. 1.            Intuitive entrances, accessible lobbies


While the day to day operation of your data centre may not have required that you have a “main” entrance or a functional lobby or waiting room in the past, it’s time to rethink that if you have visitors on even an infrequent, but regular basis.  Having a designated main visitor entrance—one that is clearly marked as such from the car park—is a step up in professionalism. Once the visitor enters the building, there should be clear signs that point to the lobby, reception desk, and/or waiting room, if they’re not already visible from the entrance.


  1. 2.            Practical comforts

An old, battered desk and a few mismatched, discarded office chairs do not a lobby make.  Visitors to your data centre should be able to wait in comfort and the entrance should make a good impression.  This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to purchase an extensive set of lobby furniture, especially if you only receive a few visitors at a time. But a few matching, well-upholstered chairs or couches go a long way.

  1. 3.            Aesthetic comforts

Resting their weary bones on comfortable furniture isn’t the only way you should make your guests at ease.  Traditional interior décor is a customer-facing office staple for a reason. It exudes professionalism and makes the experience, especially of waiting, comfortable for visitors. Coordinate furniture with an attractive rug, add art to the walls, include a few attractive, sturdy plants, and side tables with magazines relevant to your industry.

  1. 4.            Think about lighting

Lighting in data centres needs to be functional and practical before anything – but this isn’t always easy on the eye. Especially for public areas, feature lighting is a must and can really enhance the furniture and welcoming atmosphere.

The interior design of your data centre is a crucial element of the entire design process – so don’t neglect it.


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