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Google Channels US$66 Million Into Taiwan Data Centre

18 February, 2015

Google Data CentreThe world’s largest internet corporation is continuing to fortify its global domination with the announcement of a US$66.4 million investment into one of its existing Taiwanese data centres. Google’s expansion will drastically increase its Asian footprint and ensure that the company remains an international leader in state-of-the-art data centre facilities. 

An ongoing investment for Google and the Taiwanese government

The funds come from Taiwan’s Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and were made possible through Google’s close relationship with affiliate group, Kohl Holding Ltd. Opened in December 2013, the data centre was built using an initial US$600 million investment. It sits on 1,500 acres of land located in Changhua County’s coastal industrial park. According to industry experts the weighty investment in Google’s data centre expansion project could prompt Microsoft to commission a new build in the same area.

Asia’s most environmentally responsible facility

Google claims that its Taiwan data centre is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly facilities in the whole of Asia. One of the key ways it achieves its environmentally responsible credentials is through the use of an innovative after dark thermal system. The Google website states, "One way we're increasing efficiency here that's unique among our global fleet of data centres is through the use of a night time cooling and thermal energy storage system." The system harvests cool air during the evening hours, stores it in insulated tanks and reuses it during the warmer daylight hours. "The system works by cooling water at night, when temperatures are cooler, storing the cooled water in large insulated tanks where it retains its temperature before being pumped throughout the facility to cool our servers during the day." The site is overseen by a team of 60 employees as well as a handful of specialist contractors providing specialist services.

Catering to global data centre demand

As technology continues to grow and evolve the global demand for data centres will simultaneously swell. Today the next-generation technology is used to power a huge range of sectors, including everything from healthcare and hospitality to finance and communications. Projects such as Google’s multi-million dollar eco-friendly data centre expansion ensure that this demand is met without having a negative impact on the environment.  As global warming continues to threaten the planet it’s critical for data centre build projects to follow in Google’s footsteps and integrate energy saving features wherever possible.


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