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How Big Data is set to Transform the Daily Commute

16 December, 2014

Big DataThe face of the contemporary commute is set to change thanks to Big Data. The accumulation of a vast assortment of large and complex forms of data garnered from a huge plethora of sources at high velocity has been utilised to fortify the existing infrastructure of transportation. The exciting new development is set to perform a great many functions to completely revolutionise our modern day commute. Here at ITE Projects we’d like to introduce you to some of the most dynamic developments.

  • Paperless Tickets

Paperless tickets, typically known as e-tickets are taking off in all areas of transportation. Most of us are particularly familiar with them when it comes to airplane tickets but they also abound in the form of Oyster cards and a vast range of other paperless ticketing systems. As well as being eco-friendly, paperless tickets reduce booking expenses as well as the risk of ticket details and documentation being sent to the incorrect address or lost in the post. Paperless tickets have even moved into the world of performance ticketing, with fans simply having to show their email address, which is directly tied to their electronic data, to be ushered inside the event; quick, convenient, easy.

  • GPS Trackers

GPS (global positioning system) enables people to determine the exact location of a vehicle, person or asset. There is an assortment of trackers on the market which can be employed for a variety of purposes including law enforcement, surveillance and protecting the vulnerable and elderly. GPS can be utilised to ensure that parked vehicles are safe and sound and also to track the dependability of trains, buses and other public methods of transportation.

  • Traffic Updates

The problem with the 9-5 crush is that everyone is doing everything at the same time; the school run, the work rush, the weekly grind – the streets are awash with vehicles. Our congestion level has reached its limit and can cause commuting to feel like a real chore. Big Data has looked into how most commuters travel between A to B including transportation method, timings and popular routes. By enabling traffic reports for every road, drivers can enjoy a more relaxed trip to work without the stress of jam-packed roads.

  • Rapid Public Transport Response Times

Rapid public transport is a form of transportation ideally suited for those with lowered mobility or those travelling in rural areas with a low degree of transportation options. This flexible option means that travellers who hit a tight spot can be picked up along familiar bus and transportation routes.

Thanks to big data our lives are changing for the better, and the daily commute is just one area that is being improved thanks to technology. The latest innovative technology, embraced by data and e-commerce centres, can also minimise running costs and lead to increased efficiency for businesses.


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