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How Hippies Are Shaping the Future of Technology

12 August, 2015

While scientists, politicians and hot headed activists play an integral role in shaping the technology of the future, the humble hippy should also be credited with leveraging some serious sway. Over the past 50 years peace, love and technology have been on the radars of tree huggers across the globe.data centre waggon

American rock band The Grateful Dead are a prime example. As well as being celebrated for their psychedelic shows the group were also at the forefront of the Summer of Love that saw it embrace a unique DIY ethos. From handcrafting their own gear, publishing their own music and adopting a decentralised music distribution system, the band’s infatuation with technology played an integral role in establishing its artistic independence. The rockers continued to embrace the spirit of technological innovation throughout their careers and pioneered some amazing developments in the sound and lighting sphere, including the ear splitting ‘Wall of Sound’ that blew concert goers away in 1974.

So how have other hippies paved the way for the technology of tomorrow? Let’s take a look… 

Environmental sustainability

The world is developing an increasing awareness for the need to slash CO2 emissions, combat global warming and preserve the planet for future generations. Hippies are leading the way with cutting edge eco-friendly technologies that are designed to power the world, without harming the natural environment. While stereotypical hippies do still exist the majority of these eco warriors have professional careers, high corporate statuses and plenty of power and influence.  Even environmentally conscious politicians such as Barack Obama can be considered hippies at heart!

Some prime examples of how hippies have influenced modern technology include the development of powerful electricity generating wind turbines, the invention of the electric car and the innovation of solar panels. Netherlands based company Air@Work is also fronted by a team of free thinking flower children who invented the ultra-energy efficient adiabatic cooling system powered by the revolutionary ‘StatiqCooler’ heat exchanger. Using energy efficient EC fans, ambient outdoor air and softened water the compressor free system can save data centres up to 90% on their cooling bills!

Eco apps

Another market sector infiltrated by corporate hippies is the mobile application development arena. Over the years app stores have welcomed an influx of eco-friendly apps designed to help every day mobile users slash their carbon footprints and adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles. Think everything from recycling advice and CO2 emissions trackers to petrol use monitors and car pool communities.

As the world continues to go green, hippies are set to pioneer a myriad of new eco-friendly technologies that help keep the planet happy, healthy and of course, mellow. 


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