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How to Ensure a Data Centre is Energy Efficient

03 November, 2015

Data centres are increasingly using more energy, and as the industry grows so does its carbon footprint. Data centre providers are under increasing pressure to deliver energy efficient facilities and advise on eco-friendly ways to manage data centres. Of course, not only is this an action plan to protect the environment, but it can also save companies a drastic amount on energy bills.

Making The Most Out Of Energy

Putting energy efficiency first isn’t always easy, but the experts at ITE Projects have put together a guide to help companies ensure every single data centre is effective and efficient. Read on for some top tips.

It’s all in the design

An energy efficient data centre isn’t created years after it was built – it’s all in the initial design. Data centre design needs to take energy efficiency into account from the very first stages of planning. The way servers and other equipment are arranged can have a huge effect on energy usage and cooling operations. The size of the data centre also needs to be carefully considered, so there is no wasted space which you’ll be paying to cool down for no reason.

If you’re planning a large scale build, you can consider selling off excess electricity and heat generated to nearby businesses or communities.

Location, location, location

If you are totally flexible about the location of the data centre, then this can make the facility more efficient without any extra effort. Building a data centre in a cooler climate will provide lower energy usage and costs, as you can use free air to cool the facility. For extra green points, you could choose to build it nearby a sustainable energy source.

Ditch mechanical cooling

One of the biggest energy outputs for data centres is cooling – so it’s worth investing in an efficient system which can reduce long term costs. Adiabatic cooling is an energy efficient compressor-less system, using just eco EC fans, ambient outdoor air and softened water. The green cooling system avoids the usage of refrigerants such as HFCs which are damaging to the environment, and can result in 90% savings compared to mechanical cooling costs. With cooling being a major contributor to the carbon footprint of data centres, an energy efficient cooling system is a must.

Review operating temperature

Getting the optimum temperature right can be difficult, but if your equipment is relatively new then you can probably afford to add a few degrees to running temperature. This will mean your cooling system won’t have to work as hard, and less energy is needed.

Energy management can have a positive effect for all data centres – get in touch if you need help implementing these energy efficiency tips.


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