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Meet Some of Our Data Centre Success Stories

04 December, 2014

Meet Some of Our Data Centre Success Stories

Over the years, we’ve worked with a vast array of clients all with different specifications in mind for their ideal computer room build. Bringing these builds to fruition utilising design and practical implementation has helped us support them right from inception all the way to completion. We’d like to introduce you to some of our success stories, perhaps to inspire your own build in the process.

  • Iomart, MaidenheadIomart Data Centre

One of our ongoing projects is with Iomart, situated in Maidenhead. We began works for them in May of 2014 during which time we completed the first phase of the build. This spacious, efficient build was a true labour of love and incorporates a great many integral features. We incorporated a mezzanine structure in order to further the room’s capacity, boosting it by 1300 metres squared spanning four data halls. Notable features include internal and external CCTV, dual independent power feeds and sound deadening fencing.

  •  Rapidswitch Internal WorksRapidswitch Data Centre

The Rapidswitch project commenced in 2008 with all phases completed in 2010. The build incorporated several stages until it reached fruition. Initially we conducted an inspection of the property to ascertain the suitability of the client’s specifications. The next stage involved careful planning, preparation and lengthy consultations with landlords and electricians to ensure that all works were above board. We implemented a mezzanine level which serves to increase floor space and slowly began to install the equipment requested by our client. We also conducted external works for Rapidswitch.

  • QI Comm, London DocklandsQI Comm Data Centre

Our QI Comm project was the result of our collaboration with CAT Finnings and was completed in 2011. The main features amalgamate kitchen, office and rest areas, rotary UPS system, direct expansion air conditioning and a telepresence area for teleconferencing. This exciting opportunity enabled us to fuse our ideas with our collaborators as well as the client yielding highly successful results.

  • Viasat, LondonViasat Data Centre

Our build for Viasat was completed in 2012 and combines a lot of style and spaciousness. Several essential features include generator sets, D X cooling, a blastproof security wall and VESDA early warning smoke detection.

  • Zurich, SwindonZurich Data Centre

The Zurich project was an ambitious build that required the installation of additional generator sets. Further to this we installed UPS support system, mains switchgear modifications, UPS/generator changeover panels, computer room distribution panels and cabling that ran the gamut of the buildings. The complexities and challenges posed by the project insisted that the site had to remain fully functional during our visits. Juggling such an intensive workload whilst also minimising disruption to the staff and facilities was achieved by working closely with our client.


If these case studies have inspired you to get to work on your very own data centre, then contact us today to see how we will work with your individual specifications.


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