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Protect Vital Data With Intelligent Fire Detection And Extinguishing Systems

26 August, 2014

Data Centre FireEver since the advent of data centres in the early stages of the computing era, the high tech hubs have faced the ever present threat of fire damage. Regardless of whether data centres are large or small, the mass of fully operational electronic equipment means that overheating is a risk that must be taken seriously at all times.


Without an effective fire detection system in place, data centres risk severe damage which can result in costly downtime, loss of information and an injured reputation. As such, it is critical for every data centre to have an intelligent fire detection system in place should a worst case scenario arise. As the UK’s leading data centre contractor, ITE Projects offer a complete range of cutting edge early warning detection and active automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Fire detection technology

Using false floor and ceiling embedded optical/ionisation smoke detectors and rate of rise heat detectors, ITE Projects helps alert data centres of any smoke or fire activity before it escalates. The equipment transmits back to a zoned fire alarm panel which features alarm bells, sounders and break glass units.  


Air aspiration technology has also emerged as a popular early detection choice.Standing for ‘very early smoke detection apparatus,’ VESDA systems are used to offer the earliest possible warning of potential fire risk. The intelligent system actively takes air samples from a network of data centre pipes and will issue an alert as soon as any smoke activity is detected. 


As a company committed to embracing state-of-the-art technology, ITE Projects utilised next generation Novec Fire Protection Fluid in its latest build for Viasat. The agent is a clean halon replacement which offers the ultimate in performance, safety and environmental credentials.


Clean, safe and effective, FM200 has been used by ITE Projects in large scale data centres and small computer rooms alike. The agent leaves no post-discharge residue which makes it ideal for use in data centres and computer rooms containing sensitive equipment.


Used as a preferred fire extinguishing system in larger data centres, Hi-Fog utilises innovative water mist technology to smother flames as quickly as possible. Hi-Fog can also be used in conjunction with a smoke scrubbing system in order to minimise smoke damage to computer equipment.


Whether you operate a small scale computer room or a multi-level data centre hub, it is essential to protect equipment with reliable early fire detection and extinguishing systems. ITE Projects boasts a wealth of experience in the area and is dedicated to helping every client establish the ideal fire detection and extinguishing solution to suit their unique needs. 


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