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Revealed! The Tech Behind The US Super Bowl

11 February, 2015

Revealed! The Tech Behind The US Super Bowl

The US Super Bowl attracts an estimated 112 million viewers across the globe. This year the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots took to the University of Phoenix Stadium in front of a global audience of 112 million. But it’s not just the players who make the match! An array of cutting edge technology is used to make the event a global phenomenon. From RFID player tracking and headset comms to social media support and SkyCam, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the best. 


RFID player tracking

This yearZebra Technologies teamed up with the NFL to roll out ultra-advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) transmitters capable of tracking each player’s every move. The devices were inserted into the player’s shoulder pads and recorded real time distance, speed and positioning throughout the match.


Headset communications

Unlike some other sports NFL players are allowed to receive coaching during the game. In fact this year, every member of the team wears a radio helmet which allows them to receive coaching from the side-lines.


Microsoft gets in on the action

The Super Bowl is the world’s biggest sporting event and it only makes sense that the world’s biggest computing giant would want to get involved. Microsoft has been an official technology partner of the NFL since 2013, with coaches and players using exclusively modified Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets to create training plans, on field tactics and watch playbacks.


Social media frenzy

As expected, the Super Bowl is surrounded by a global social media frenzy. Facebook drummed up 265 million Super Bowl related posts, likes and comments while Twitter generated over 28 million tweets during the game. This makes it the biggest Super Bowl social media frenzy of all time. Furthermore, 49 of the 66 commercials played during the big game featured a hashtag designed to get viewers creating a buzz! With social media going Super Bowl crazy across the globe we’re certain that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram data centres would have been working overtime.



Thanks to a next generation SkyCam camera system viewers across the globe enjoy bird’s eye footage as the match unfolds.  A gyroscope keeps the camera balanced while a fibre optic cable links footage to an editing suite where operators control movements with handheld joysticks.

With advanced technology like this supercharging this year’s Super Bowl, we can’t wait to see what the NFL has in store for next year!


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