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Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Data Centre

25 March, 2016

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Data Centre


In an industry that moves as rapidly as technology development does, even top professionals can struggle to keep up. They may feel like they are falling behind but how do they know for sure? It is easy to let data centres get outdated and beyond control but this creates a significant risk. It could mean permanent data loss, theft or worse. There are five clear signs that your data centre needs improvement:

1. If it is extremely warm to the point it is uncomfortable to be in there, you are definitely failing on the cooling front. It is worth exploring new cooling techniques to introduce. If higher than desirable temperatures are a constant problem, the entire facility could be in need of a substantial upgrade.


2. Old equipment that is not in use is still in place. You must analyse each piece of hardware located in your data centre. Anything that is not used or no longer adds value should be removed. This reduces the overall power need and frees up valuable space.


3. Your server lifecycle is up. There are many reasons that this may happen and it is a complex process to figure out the exact lifecycle. Generally, you want to consider changing every 3 years. Replacement or alternative solutions make a better option than simply upgrading.


4. Untidy cabling. This can easily consume a data centre if it is not properly managed. If you aren’t organising cables with labelling and properly securing them then you need to review it. Untidy cabling is an easy habit to fall into but can lead to human errors that cause significant downtime.


5. Strangers in your data centre. If security becomes lax, data and equipment integrity can be compromised. Not keeping security systems up to date can open up access loopholes. You may consider adding more up to date security cameras or additional secure access requirements– there are countless new systems on the market making use of cloud based and secure technology. Your data is precious and you need to be aware of who is accessing what; failure to do these can cause serious harm.

A Big Data Centre

Of course, the best way to avoid unexpected upgrades is to develop a continual review process. Because technology does change so quickly, new dangers as well as new opportunities to add even more robust processes and applications are a constant presence.


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