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The Best Places To Work In IT Now Revealed

06 November, 2014

Top IT JobsFor years, the world of IT has been burdened with the boring badge; a domain only desired by introverts and computer whizz kids. Nowadays, the IT world has transformed into a highly influential industry attracting bright, inventive and highly capable minds. With outspoken famous names including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the IT industry is ever flourishing and brimming with creative, dynamic pools of talent that continuously gravitate to the business every year.


We’re here to share recent findings from Computer World that illuminate some of the best places to work within the IT industry in 2014 - as voted for by those that work within the industry themselves. The study was segregated into three parts, awarding prestigious, high performing companies the accolade of best within the industry across large, midsize and small workforces. Here’s the big three:

1)   Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans topped the poll for best place to work with a large workforce. The company are obviously doing something right because the online mortgage lender firm was also voted the number one company overall in 2013. Quicken Loans have also formerly topped the list in 2005, 2006 and 2007 boasting quite a phenomenal success rate. Large businesses constitute 5,000 or more employees so the juggernaut company is doing a good job of juggling quantity with quality.


Further to topping Computer World’s prestigious list of highly acclaimed businesses within the IT industry, Quicken Loans have also acquired the top slot among all 100 Best Places organisations when it comes to employee retention, No. 4 for career development and No. 10 for workforce benefits. Each worker receives 200 hours of technical training annually whilst also launching a training programme specifically designed to further the skills of the companies IT workforce. If you remain in any doubt that Quicken Loans are a highly effective workforce, employees can ensure that they play hard as well as work hard on the company’s basketball court.

2)  LinkedIn

Everyone is familiar with LinkedIn, the dynamic, innovative online solution for forging meaningful business connections. LinkedIn were awarded the top spot on the mid-sized workforce list. Midsize companies span between 1,000 and 4,999 workers. With a training budget of $350,000 dedicated to the IT department alone for the company’s 112 IT employees, employees are also reimbursed up to $5,000 to cover tuition costs and the costs of technological certifications awarded.


The firm have been graded No. 7 out of the 100 Best Places for employee retention, perhaps owing to the four weeks of paid leave after a year of committed work, comprehensive, fully paid health insurance, a profit-sharing plan, overtime pay and individual employee bonuses. As the company continues to endure rapid expansion, endless opportunities are opening up for IT workers. Within the past year alone, LinkedIn accumulated 50 new employees to its team and promoted 17% of those working within the IT discipline.

3)  Noah Consulting

Heading the small companies, Noah Consulting specialises in oil and gas energy trading as well as power and natural resources. With fewer than 1,000 workers, the company is based out of Houston, Texas. Its consultants span the entirely of the US but are brought together with annual all-company gatherings and advanced collaboration tools.


Their IT team consists of a mere 60 professionals and the company focuses of establishing an environment of trust and team spirit. During summer gatherings, Noah Consulting fly in consultants and their families to participate in an annual tug-of-war. The company promotes a healthy work/life balance to ensure that consultants dedicate themselves to the firm but also prioritise their families and home lives. The intimate nature of the company ensures that professionals at all levels feel comfortable communicating and collaborating with one another.


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