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The Biggest Risks to Your Data Centre

28 April, 2016

The Biggest Risks to Your Data Centre


Data centres are now an essential part of everyday business operations – but they do come with a range of new risks. The recent series of hacks and security breaches to large corporations proves that no business is too big or profitable – every organisation is a target. When designing and building a data centre, it’s important to consider the biggest risks and take action to mitigate them.

As we rely more heavily on technology and digital processes increase, so too does the amount of risks. We’ve compiled some of the most prominent risks to consider for your data centre.

1.    Cyber security

A data centre houses an incredible amount of important and sensitive information. Whether it is business details or customer account details, if this data gets into the wrong hands then not only is your data facility breached, your business reputation will be affected. After the Talk Talk hack in 2015, the company lost 7% of its broadband customers and its share price decreased by 27%.

Always make sure your cyber security is up to date and you have a strong crisis plan if you do encounter a security breach.

2.    Mother Nature

In the UK we may not think of extreme weather as a threat – but it should always be considered in the data centre design. Powerful storms and flooding have the potential to completely destroy your data centre, so it’s best to always be prepared. Data centres are also at risk of lightning strikes – do you have back-up generators if the power fails?

A floaded data centre

3.    Untrustworthy/Unreliable staff

Many problems which arise in a data centre are caused deliberately or accidentally by staff members. Human error can be an issue, and you should never rule out the possibility of malicious conduct. Ensure all staff are fully trained and keep a note of all things suspicious.

4.    Physical security

Not all threats are virtual – some criminals could try and attack a data centre physically. Could your data facility cope with an arson attack? How about a break in? Physical security measures need to be taken as seriously as cyber security regulations.

5.    Skills shortage

Perhaps the biggest threat to your data centre in the near future is a skills shortage in the technology sector. Surprisingly, the majority of people in these technical roles are middle aged and will be retired within 20 years, and the industry has failed to recruit a younger workforce to replace them. Data centre engineers may soon be in short supply, so do your best to retain your staff.

When planning your data project, always consider the risks and continue to address these regularly.


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