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The Data Giants Which Rule Our Lives

09 September, 2015

Whether you realise it or not, your life as you know it would not be possible without data centres. How many times a day do you like something on Facebook, or search for the address of your next destination? Even online shopping, booking city breaks or watching a film on Netflix wouldn’t be possible without some of the colossal data centres located all over the globe.

ITE Projects takes a look at some of the web’s biggest data giants which control our everyday lives. If any of these data centres had a malfunction and experienced downtime, you’d know about it immediately.

googleGoogle Dublin

Google decided to take advantage of Ireland’s cool climate and build a huge facility in Dublin, without the need for extensive air conditioning units. Whenever you do a search on Google (which deals with 40,000 search queries per second) or send an email through Gmail, your data will likely pass through this converted warehouse in Dublin.

Google Dublin is renowned for its data centre efficiency, and even builds its own servers which are energy proportional. This tech giant knows what it’s doing!


Amazon’s data centre is also located in Dublin, and doesn’t just process data from the Amazon site – the servers also take care of bookings from Airbnb and live downloads from Netflix. Amazon has created a concept which ensures the businesses that rely on its data centres won’t ever lose crucial data. Using ‘availability zones’ data is sent to two data centres, so in the unlikely event that one goes down, the other data facility can take over immediately. It’s always good to have a contingency plan!


UK users of Facebook will have their data stored in the first Facebook data centre outside of the US, which located in Sweden. It’s one of the most efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly data centres in the world as the social media giant really likes to set an example.

The data centre doesn’t need chillers to cool the servers as it’s located just 68 miles below the Arctic Circle! Instead it uses purified and humidified natural air from the great outdoors. All of the equipment inside the data centre is powered by hydro-electricity which is locally generated –the facility is 100% renewable energy powered, quite a feat for a building spanning 320,000 square feet.

Hopefully these data giants have inspired you to design and build your company’s own data centre. Talk to us about your project and we can set out a design and build plan from scratch for you to consider.


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