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The Importance of Maintaining Your Build

27 November, 2014

Designing and developing a build you love means nothing if you don’t monitor and maintain it. Although we offer 24 hour, 365 day call out services, it is still essential that you are aware of how to keep an eye on your build in order to prevent faults and warnings escalating into full-blown emergencies.


  • Installing environmental monitoring and maintenance systems enables you to identify potential pitfalls and problems before they cause complete deterioration. When equipment begins to experience a fault, clients often fail to react until the situation is un-rectifiable. They are simply unaware that there is an issue. By fitting you with an appropriate EMS system, you can save time and money whilst benefiting from the swift intervention of a maintenance crew.
  • Securing software documents in a well-organised filing system whilst also having to have a tool kit filled with essentials just in case is a useful way to ensure that everything you need is to hand in the event of a problem.
  • Keep documentation regarding servers and workstations close by so that you can have first hand comprehension of how to support and manage them. Often, people do not keep track of their builds but by becoming acquainted with the processes and warning sights, you’ll be better placed to maintain and even eradicate potential pitfalls.
  • Keep a clean floor with neat cables and wires. Colour code and label your cables and label servers with their machine name and IP address.
  • Be aware of future developments and expansions. Might you need to jump a tier forward? Do you need more space or more equipment? Always be aware of what you require in the future for your build. Remain a step ahead and be aware of issues before they emerge.
  • Regularly clean and check the fans on servers.
  • Be aware of where your breakers are for all server room outlets. Identify these early on. Familiarise yourself with cable destinations.
  • Move and replace wiring as necessary as well as servers and racks.
  • Ensure all IT resources including valuable information and help lines, additional cables, hardware and components and software are stored safely and organised appropriately.
  • Ask the experts what is required to ensure a monitored and maintained build. Ask how often equipment should be checked, cleaned or replaced as well as for solutions and helpful advice including costs, warning signs and solutions. 

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