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Tips for Keeping the Data Centre Cool this Summer

15 September, 2016

It appears the British summer is back – which is great for most of the UK, but hot weather can be bad news for data centres. Keeping the facility functional and the equipment at an optimised temperature can be even more difficult at this time of year when the mercury rises. Of course, using air conditioning systems on high power all season will also cause a huge increase on the energy bills – which isn’t ideal for any business. Sunny days and warm weather can cause data centre operators huge expense and a stressful work period.

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There are certain things data centre managers and other staff can do to help bring the temperature down. Here are ITE Project’s top tips for keeping data facilities cool this summer.

  1. Check the temperature often

Managers and technicians should be checking the temperature in all aisles on a frequent basis. Once equipment is overheated, it will start to fail – so don’t let it get to that stage. However, it’s important not to be over cautious and bump up the air con all over the data centre – this can be a waste of energy and cash. See which areas require the most cooling and concentrate on them, while keeping an eye on the temperature of other sections. You can alternate the cooling throughout the day as needed, by using these regular checks.

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  1. White to reflect light

You’ve probably never given the colour of your data centre walls and furniture a second thought – but what if we told you it could make a difference? Black absorbs heat and light, whereas white reflects it. Due to this fact, many data centre manufacturers are now suggesting painting cabinets, aisle containments and walls white to reflect light around the room, reducing artificial lighting requirements. Less light bulbs leads to less heat being generated, and of course less energy being used – which amounts to lower bills and can reduce the pressure on cooling units.

  1. Airflow management

The efficiency of data centre cooling systems can be maximised with an airflow management solution. Hot and cold aisle containments are rather simple to create, but work well to prevent overheating. Cold aisles keep the hot air away, while hot aisles send the warm air back to the units to be recycled into cold air. By preventing hot and cold air mixing, you can improve the efficiency of an air conditioning system with minimal effort.

Don’t sweat it – stay cool this summer with these simple cost effective tips while saving energy at the same time.


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